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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make the Right Choice, Don't Get on That Scooter...

Let me tell you something that really REALLY annoys me. When I see people at the grocery store, target or wherever that feel the need to use those motorized scooters to get around the store just because they are overweight. I almost think you should have to have proof of a medical reason you cannot make it around the store before they allow you to use one. You know, like checking out a book at the library. You go to customer service, show your card from your doctor and then they give you a key to one of the scooters. I wonder what the percentage of people who use these carts are actually unable to walk more than the distance from the parking lot to the entrance.

I must be sure to point out that I am not judging anyone for being overweight. I too am clearly a fatty. But you don't see me zooming around Safeway on a scooter. While I admit that does sound a little fun i would never unless maybe my foot was broken. Even then I would probably just send the hubby to the store. But whether or not I secretly want to be on a grocery store scooter racing team is not the point of this blog. So, I digress.

Last night while waiting outside a store for Chris (we had the dog with) I saw a very large woman get out of her car. Now first thing I would like to point out is that she was walking just fine. She was wearing her bath robe and fuzzy lion slippers but other than that seemed perfectly stable on her feet. But of course she enters the store and immediately plops herself into one of those scooters. It really just made m sad more than anything else. And it really make me realize how easy it could be for any of us to get to that same place.

I mean think about it. I think people somehow believe that if you are overweight you can't exercise because you will keel over from a heart attack. Or if your too big you physically cannot exercise. I just shake my head. I don't get it. I hear people say "I don't know how I got this big." I think to myself how do you not know. I know how I became overweight. I ate crap and I sat on my butt. Plain and simple. It isn't rocket science. I think my issue is more with the companies that cater to overweight people so they don't have to lose weight. Or all these fad diets that try and convince people they will lose weight if they just take this magic pill. My favorite was when Shape ups came out and advertised that the shoes alone would help you lose weight. If only it were that easy.

Ok so now my rant is going off track. The moral of my story is that that woman I saw last night was like a welcome slap in my face. I don't ever want to be that person that is so big I just give up like that. I am worth every minute of hard work I put into this. Every drop of sweat, every aching muscle and every tear. I am worth it and I own it.

"Why choose to fail when success is an option?"
— Jillian Michaels

AMEN to that.

So come on people get rid of the scooter, stop making excuses and get out there and change your life. WALK around the grocery store, take the stairs. One step, one pound and one day at a time. I can do this and so can the rest of you.

Ok rant over. Better take my own advice and get off the couch!