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Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Always Was a Slow Learner

It is obvious that I have gotten off to a very crappy start in this little challenge of mine. In my defense, right after I set this in motion I got caught up in life, Between moving, Chris switching companies, me having to start my dog walking venture all from scratch again, looking for a place to live and preparing to move 3000 miles back to the west coast I sort of forgot about myself in the midst of all of it. However, NO EXCUSES!!!!!

This is a perfect example. For any one struggling with weight issues you have to find a way amidst stress and the busyness of life to make time for yourself. Otherwise we just fall back into old and convenient patterns. Regardless of how busy I am I NEED to set aside that hour a day to work out. I need to make that better choice when we are in a rush and have to grab fast food for dinner. Just because I am at Wendy's or wherever doesn't mean I have to have a Baconator. There are better choices even at those places.

With all that being said. I feel the last few weeks I have really hit my stride. Which is good for me, but probably very unfortunate for those in a weight loss challenge with me;) I am finally getting to that place where I am making the time for me regardless of what else is going on. I feel like I am finally getting my head in the game and my hope is that this is the turning point in the direction I need and so desperately want to be going in.

My hope for all of you out there that are struggling with the same issues is that you also find your direction and what works and doesn't work for you and that you stay on that path.