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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Beginnings

I figure it is time I get to blogging on here. I think I have been avoiding posting on here because I have gotten off to a slow start on this journey. BUT that is okay because the ship is now headed in the right direction.

I have struggled with my weight for a long time. Maybe not as long as some but for a good portion of the last 10 years. It wasn't till 2007 I really decided I needed to do something about my weight and realized how unhappy I was in that body. At the time my weight was at it's highest at 248 pounds. I didn’t do any crazy diets or work myself to death at the gym I just made better decisions. As a dog walker I was getting plenty of exercise whether I had time to go to the gym or not. I set a calorie limit for myself (1500) and tried my best to stay within that range. I never denied myself anything during that time. If I wanted cheesecake I had it, I just made it fit into my calories that day. There were days I went off grid and ate what I wanted; pizza etc and I NEVER let myself feel bad for it. By not putting limitations on myself and telling myself what I could and couldn't have it made it easier for me. In about 4 months I had dropped almost 50 pounds and felt amazing. I found what worked for me and I was successful. However after a 2 week vacation in Seattle over the Christmas holidays I fell off the wagon and at one point I am pretty sure I also ate it. Once we arrived back in Boston I stopped counting my calories and before long I had gained half of what I had lost back. In the last few years since then I have lost a bit here and there but have never really committed to it. I am grateful for my job as a dog walker because it has at least balanced things out for me. While I haven't lost much I never really gained either.

Fast forward to 2010. I came up with the idea of using my weight loss as a way to raise money for breast cancer because I felt if I had a good cause behind it (aside from myself being healthy) it would be that push I needed to make the changes I needed to once and for all. Why now and not 5 years ago. I think a lot of it has to do with my health scare this past year and also wanting to be healthy for when Chris and I decide to start trying to have kids in the next few years. Add to that I am just ready to feel more confident and probably one of the things I am most excited for is to be able to walk into any store I want and be able to buy off the rack. I know that might not sound like a big deal but believe me I grow tired of not being able to buy and wear the clothes I love.

I am so thankful my mother-in-law Linda is doing this with me. It gets us both on the right path and hopefully raises a good amount of money for breast cancer research. Please keep checking this blog from time to time as Linda and I both update you along the way. Your comments and positive feedback for both of us will be greatly appreciated.

For those of you already committing to donating, THANK YOU so much! For those of you needing more information about how and where you can donate please email me at

Till next time...


PandA said...

It is SO hard during the holidays to have any self-motivation and discipline to really stick to it, so you are doing this at the right time! ;) If you dropped 50 lbs. in 4 months, you can certainly do more in 6 months!! :) Love you Evey!! Good luck on this journey!!

Andrea said...

Great post, Evey! I'm so proud of you and your efforts! Keep up the good work! I look forward to hearing about your success!