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Friday, August 6, 2010

Here We Go Again

As most of you know by now, Linda and I have decided to extend this through September. It was then brought to my attention that October is breast cancer awareness month so we figured it would make sense to go through October and have our finally weigh in be November 1st. My hope is we will be able to use breast cancer awareness month as another tool to raise more money.

I clearly have not done yet what I set out to do when I started this whole thing back in January. 6 months have passed and I have just in the last month or so really gotten things together. I am not going to sit here and list all the reasons I haven't done more up till this point. The truth is some of it is just excuses and I am not interested in making excuses for myself anymore. Excuses are a lot of the reason I am where I am in the first place. No more.

This is my life and my journey and only I can take it in the right direction. I have to wake up every day and make the choice to eat well and exercise. The choices are MINE and I am choosing to make the right ones. And when I make the wrong ones I am glad to know I have support of awesome people who will help push right back on track.

For those of you who have already donated, THANK YOU! For those donating based on pounds lost, please keep checking here, facebook and your email for updates. I am going to try my hardest this next 3 months to keep you updated on a weekly basis.

So here we go, one pound at a time.

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